Chris J Powell

Sappy…Yes! Freaked Out…Sure! Ready…Um?

The single greatest life change that I have experienced in all my 42 years is about to happen.  Just 6 days from now a chapter will close on my life, never to be reopened.  I will venture out into the world, alone and more than a little freaked out by the entire set of circumstances that has transpired over the past several months.  I think back to the past 2 decades of my life and the choices, decisions and major events in my life and I really think that I am in an okay place right now.

I got up a little bit earlier today and went over to and took a scroll through the compilation of pretty amazing pictures like the one above of a Smiling Sun.  I think that it really is important for each one of us out there to make a conscious decision to Smile and I don’t mean that fake smile we tend to put on for people around us…I mean that genuine real smile that we only have when we don’t think people are watching.  Happiness is more than just a state of mind…it fills the soul with a grand design of a new beginning and the happy ever after dream.

My life in the last little while has been a cacophony of noise.  I have found myself at the very bottom of depression and the heights of mania.  I have to admit…I thought that I was at my end.  I didn’t know what I would do or where I would turn.  My life as I knew it was truly over…but I could take the pain and the anger and the challenges and I could let them take over and hold me down…or I could stand up, dust myself off and not just put on a brave face…that is just a cover up…no really take it upon myself to change my life.  Build a better tomorrow.  One that has ME first.  I have always been a person that put others first and while I will never forget that putting my fellow man first is important…there has to be ME in the mix!

While ME is important.  I will never not reach out a helping hand.  I see an injustice I have an obligation to speak out.  I see a friend in need…well what ever I can do to help, I will be there.  I know what it is like to be consumed by the darkness and to see the pin prick of light at the end of what seemed like a never ending tunnel.  I know what it is like to effectively lose it all but find THE way to come out of the pain and the anguish and the sorrow and find a way to smile.  I do what I do for others not because it makes me feel good (although it does)…it is a sense of DUTY and HONOUR two things that I truly believe are forgotten about in our media rich society.  Walking around a challenge is no way to live ones life…find a challenge and take it on.  Succeed or Fail…at least if you give it your all…you know you did your best…but that Success or Failure is on you, and no one else!

This is an image that truly inspires me.  I have used it as my Facebook Profile, have had it as a Desktop Image and maybe someday it will be permanently placed on me as a reminder that ANYTHING is Possible!  With just 6 days remaining before the grand reset of my life I stand before everyone ready to take what LIFE will hand me. I will take my lumps and accept my rewards.  I will strive to do so with grace and humility.  I will not forget about those who are most important to me…but I will also remember that ME is the most important person in the room!



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