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Shaking hands and Kissing babies today…do you want to read my blog?

So today I decided to get my “brand” out there by trying to claim my blog as my own at and they spit out a code QHEVRKBKN8Q6 that I am supposed to work into a post…how did I do…was it too obvious?  Now I begin hitting the bricks and looking for more of you to join me on this journey of Blogging Heaven.  For those who have been following me since I started this walk I am not one to typically “toot my own horn” or “walk the peacock walk” unless of course it is to get a chuckle out of my colleagues and competitors on the Sales Teams!

I have also been monitoring my social channels and building a pretty good following thanks to @tinamonod and @SmartestITCan even my Social “Klout” Score is going  up!

But I need to turn the dial and get more than just the 120 Spammers leaving comments here and getting some better interaction.  Google Analytics and my Host’s Web Stats are telling me that I am getting visitors and you are staying and reading what I have to say…many of you even return or subscribe to the RSS Feed but I am not sure how to get more of you.

If I was to believe those Spammers that are really playing with my ego (even with bad English) I am doing a great job, while at the same time this site reloads far to often or for just pennies per day I can have some one else write this for me.


There are many reasons why I started this Blog and its twin over at

  • It was not to build a paying subscriber base and make money off of the meanderings of my twisted mind…I am a Sales Guy and when I talk to my clients, prospects and colleagues I want to be a trusted advisor.  If I eventually build trust then I will make money as a Sales Guy…nothing more!
  • It was not to make myself out to be an industry expert or analyst!  I know a lot about a lot of stuff but I am no expert, a generalist, a dabbler but not an expert.  The meat case that is my head is busting at the seems most days with all the crap that wants to get out so this is a great way for me to lay it all out for everyone to see!
  • It was not to rule the world.  Although I have been compared to the Brain from Pinky and the Brain alot…that will just be an interesting perk to making real connections with my readers.
  • It was not get people to like me more!  I am not very Sociable.  My idea of  a good time is hanging out with my family and watching the boob tube.  I suffer from Road Rage…A LOT and I have been quoted more than once by saying that People are Stupid…not you of course because you were intelligent enough to find me here…but people in general…especially Toronto and London drivers!
  • I write this blog and all the thousands of words that have been posted in the last 3 months because I enjoy it!  It is a way for me to get my head in the game each morning, keep the hamster wheel well oiled and think about the hundreds of topics that come up during a typical day of Sales and Service in my full time job.


If you are a real person and not some Spam Artist leave me a comment on this or any other post that can be found.  I would love to hear from you.




Chris J Powell

2 thoughts on “Shaking hands and Kissing babies today…do you want to read my blog?

  1. Hi, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam responses? If so how do you stop it, any plugin or anything you can recommend? I get so much lately it’s driving me crazy so any help is very much appreciated.

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