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Skills for the Cloud – Do you have What it Takes?

As the world of IT starts to focus more and more on the Cloud and the instant on provisioning of Assets what are current IT Departments supposed to do with the people and the skills that they have in house?  Do those jobs just disappear?  Does IT add to the glut of educated, qualified people standing in unemployment lines?

The reality is, the skills that were once the most common place for IT Professionals are changing.  I was reading an interesting article from across the pond in the UK that talks about the rapidly changing skill set needed to be relevant in this Cloud Computing Era.  The reality of the situation is that once a “service” is move to the cloud, it does not end the need for on site support…but it does mean that there needs to be a new focus on how and what is done for supporting both the migration and long term move to the Cloud Service.

In the Article Five IT Skills You Need For The Cloud Era the Author Derek Singleton does a solid job of looking to how the changing requirements does not mean a fundamental shift in what is being done…but it does mean that the role of IT will forever shift from Supporter to Enabler of the business goals.

The need to both become a Developer and gain Certification in Cloud Technologies was something that I found interesting.  The fact that it takes a very special person indeed to possess the 5 key skills he presents is interesting…but the reality is I don’t think that will be the situation.

For IT Professionals who are looking at redefining what they are and how they will navigate the new reality that the Cloud brings…I think it is important to focus on 2 or 3 and not all 5.  Personally, I would look to the Cloud Certifications but also on IT/Business Alignment…that will allow the broadest marketability of your other skills.  The challenge will be, what certifications to invest in.

A quick Google Search on Cloud Certification reveals hundreds of others available…which are going to survive the eventual culling of the Cloud Market…well I think it is safe to say that if you stick with the big names…you are going to be far safer than going for an odd duck or a generalized foundation course.

Happy days are here again…have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

Chris J Powell

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