Chris J Powell

Snowmagedon 2012

Well, it is official…once again Winter has returned to South Western Ontario with a blast of cold air and a tonne of snow…literally.  On my final full day of vacation I just spent the past 2 hours shoveling out from this season’s first real blast of the white stuff.  I have earned my dislike for Canadian Winters by having to shovel the crap through out the Snow Belt for most of my life, I have ditched more than my fair share of vehicles, been on the receiving end of both Hypothermia and Frost Bite and well just generally hate the stuff.


So as we all hunker down for the next 3 months of this CRAP and deal with it in our own typically Canadian Fashion…complain…a lot, suffer…always and at the end come out stronger than before…I say…is there any openings for a Technical Sales Guy in say…Jamaica, St. Thomas, Costa Rica….hell at this point I would learn Portuguese and move to Brazil!




Chris J Powell

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