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One of the questions that I get asked by both clients and colleagues is how do you blend your Personal Brand with the Company Brand and not cross any lines?  I have to say it is a challenge but as one of the most active Social Media persona’s in my company, and someone who is constantly battling the dual master that I answer to (yes…that would be the two Brands that I try to promote) I would say that while a challenge, it is not that difficult to find the balance.

As I approach my two year anniversary of Krispy’s Rants I figured I would take a step back and look at the work that I have done.  For this blog, I have made 603 Posts, connected with hundreds of clients and prospective clients through Social Media, mentored 8 different people on the use and promotion of Social Media and Personal Branding and most importantly…have increased my income by 5-10% because of all of this.

Sure it has taken dedication and quite a bit of hard work.  Waking up and trying to come up with an original idea almost every single day that can resonate and get people thinking is not easy.  I have had more than one personal comment that it would be a challenge for most people to do this on a single topic but I try to add “Krispy Value” across 15-20 topics.

So what can I attribute my success thus far to?  I have said it many times…the act of doing is what has gotten me to this point.  It is one step at a time until it becomes part of what I do.  I don’t let it distract me from my daily job, I let it enhance what I do.  The other key is to have a strong and consistent message when it comes to the broader Social Connections that we all sport.  I use Facebook for my Personal Connections where I am more likely to be known as Chris Powell than Krispy.  Across the dozen or so other Social Profiles that I maintain…it is ALL KRISPY, that personal brand that was born from a sales joke by a colleague nearly 5 years ago.

Can anyone do what I do…I would think that it is not only possible it should be done by more people.  There is something very cathartic about sitting down each day and really getting the brain working first thing in the morning.  Letting my thoughts flow and sharing interesting content that I have found while doing my 4-5 hours of “reading’ I do each and every day.

I truly love the fact that I have an opportunity to share what I find.  Information should be FREE and accessible by all.  Those who chose to dive into the fountain of knowledge can reap the benefits those that don’t will choke on the dust of ignorance.  One thing that the vast openness of information that I am lucky to have access to has taught me is that I must share it, expand its connection to those that don’t know it exists or don’t think they could find it if they started looking.

Even at work, each week I look to helping others within my Sales Team gain a better understanding of the work that we do in IT Research and Advisory Services.  I don’t get paid for this, there is no real tangible benefit to me other than the fact that I am helping others, get better at what we all have to do.  This to some may seem counter productive in the ultra competitive world of Sales but…I am not a Salesman…I am a Buying Facilitator and I refuse to hoard the knowledge that I have gathered…IT MUST BE SHARED!

So for those who visit this post…I encourage you:

Don’t be a lurker when it comes to Social Media.  Share what you know.  Pay it forward to the grand populace of the world around you.  It is a new world and that world needs you to open your arms and embrace the sharing of what makes you.


Chris J Powell

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