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Social Media Monday – 3 Quick Tips to Fix the Facebook Switcheroo

If you are like me you may have noticed that Facebook has been mucking about with your Feed lately, making sure that they get “paid” by switching up the Edge Rank of your friends and moving the more “Relevant” paid content way up the list of things you need to see.  This is how Facebook makes money so we can’t really fault them for it but I did find some quick ways to move your friends back up the list so that you can see things the way you want again!

Thanks to Jay Baer over at Convince and Convert these tips made a world of difference!

1. Switch the Feed from Top Stories to Most Recent

This is the quickest way to at least see a few more “events” happening within your Friends List.  It is nice and simple and goes a long way to make life on Facebook more sane.

Just a simple click and change and it is done…it resorts your friends list and back to creeping your friends list to find out what Aunt Sally did last night, or what you missed out on at the Company Party that you ducked out on early.

2. Friend Sorting

Like Trading Cards in years gone past…there has become a strange need to build a horded list of everyone we have ever interacted with in our Friends List.  To a certain extent this is good because for me…I am terrible with numbers and when it comes to personal contact…well lets face it…I likely won’t call you so Facebook is a great way to stay in touch…but I don’t need to see EVERYTHING that ever person I have ever known is doing.  That is where a very interesting little addition to the Facebook Family comes into play:  simply go through the few pages and determine who it is that you may want to see more information from and uncheck their mug from the list to stay in your Timeline.

When complete now you have a real choice to make:

Do you update your status with the house cleaning you just did??? I chose not to…but then again…I am writing this Post so I guess I am telling them all that I separated the Wheat from the Chaff.

3. Changing the Personal Story Preferences

This is by far the most time consuming but if you seem to be getting far too many Farmville Requests…it may be worth doing on an ad hoc basis to add some sanity to your Timeline.  These changes are not permanent and just like Facebook are always in flux.  We all have those people that we love to death but post every silly picture and share every activity they do on Facebook and well…that may be too much information.  When scrolling through your Timeline…find a member of the secret society of Facebook Oversharers and beside their post…there will be a small Down Arrow…that will provide an option to hide the Post.

This opens up many options and the reality is allows you to uncheck and modify how each of your contacts posts appear in your Time Line.

Is it worth the investment to do this for every contact…not likely…I personally don’t have the time to run through this for may 475+ FB Friends…so for now…I will keep this as an option for those Farmville Addicts!




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