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Social Media Monday – A Day of Reflection

The final day of 2012 is here.  What a wild year it has been, filled with ups and downs and sideways turns but all in all a good year.  As I always do I take a moment on the last day of the year to reflect and look to whether or not I achieved an NET POSITIVE on the year.  I don’t do the whole New Year’s Resolution thing, it is just too hard to survive the January Blast of energy and continue into February with a resolution.

Goal setting is an important aspect of my life and while the big picture does change (my 5 year plan) I do see some solid successes each year when I do this “day of reflection”.  I strongly recommend to everyone to take some time and look to what you accomplished in 2012, what you hope to do in 2013 and then formulate your 2013 set of Goals.

Wikipedia defines Goal Setting as:

Goal-setting ideally involves establishing specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-targeted objectives

This is very important to remember and I would say there is one last thin that is missing, a Goal is just a Dream that has been written down because if you do not put a permanence to that Goal…it will only remain as a dream.

I thought that I would share some of my Goals with you today:

  • Complete a Degree Program through Distance Learning or Night School
  • Expand Krispy’s Rants…beyond
  • Explore a warm climate with my entire family (have not decided where…but Christmas in the Caribbean does sound VERY APPEALING!

So the reality is I have 3 real goals and they each have a different connection to my Professional, Financial and Personal Life.  It is important that you find a balance in the world of goal setting, too much focus on any one aspect and you may just lose what is actually the most important thing to you (but you were blinded by a singular focus).

This is absolutely important and as today is Social Media Monday, I wonder how this day of reflection will play out for my friends around the Social Media world…as this is posted, I hope to hear from you all in comments, retweets and Shares.


Chris J Powell

4 thoughts on “Social Media Monday – A Day of Reflection

  1. I organize so much of my life around my goals. That is true even on a daily basis. I start most days with my 2-do list. I love it when I can chuck the list at the end of the day because they are all scratched out.

  2. It’s such a touchy subject. I have been asking many people since Christmas if they were working on their goals for the new year. Overwhelmingly the response was something to the effect of “Oh….I don’t do that!” Are people are afraid of failure? Commitment to a purpose? I don’t know. What do you think?

    • I think it is more a failure of society in general. We are taught to do but not to plan. I truly think it is an under utilized skill that I had to teach myself.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts and encouragements, Chris. Further education is always good. That’s what I’ll be doing. Making my goals more specific and with the parameters that you point out will be another important goal for me. Just one more thing: get further away – try Australia. Great climate, lots of new things to do and see ! A magnificent adventure !

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