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Social Media Monday – Connecting with the Information Stream

With four of my work colleagues at opposite ends of this great big world of ours I thought it would be interesting to check out the mobile apps for the two conferences that they are attending and at the same time check out the Social Media Streams that are starting to take charge of how we all connect.  Mark Tauschek and Mike Battista are across the Atlantic at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona and their feeds are starting to fill up with some very interesting insights.  In San Francisco, James McKloskey and Jessica Ireland are at the RSA Conference, their feeds are not so active but it is also just 4AM there right now so I will forgive them.

The Apps available for the iPad are obviously designed to assist attendees and both require a login to get the most out of them but the connection to the different Social Streams is quite interesting.  If Mobility is your interest, start following #MWC13 and if Security is more your thing…well then that would be #RSAC.

One of the most interesting things that I have been linked to (beyond Mike Battista’s sharing of the announced Tricorder) is a report from the GSMA (host of the Mobile World Congress) that looks at the Mobile World Economy.

More often than not, posts that are found in Social Media are about instant gratification and connecting with friends, family and colleagues but from time to time, it is about staying on top of important information.  That information can be used to help you in your career (with a blog post or article), give insight into buying trends (when likes transfer into sales), or in the case of many of us who function as a Sales Professional, we leverage Social Media for its opportunity to assist people in need (not just of our services – although that is an ideal outcome).

What are you doing to capture, filter and act upon your portion of the 140 million Tweets that will be sent today?  How are you capturing/promoting your LinkedIn updates to be able to better assist your customers and prospective customers?  Are you leveraging Google+ to dive deeper into brands and get more information and stronger connections? When you post to Faceboook, are you only about your latest affairs or are you striking a balance and showing the real you?

The world of Social Media and the concept of the Social Layer that has blanketed across our society today is some of the best and most relevant information that we can tap into.  Much of that capability is available to us for free.  Building filters into our Twitter accounts to trim the noise of that one person that seems to cover off 139,999,995 of those daily tweets, Circles let us manage the connections we see and interact with in Google+, the addition of apps like Social Fixer allow you to customize your view of the Facebook world.

There are millions of opportunities that pass all of us  by each day.  The floating bits and bytes of our digital world.  Taking just a few minutes per day to look, listen and respond can make an amazing difference for every organization, every person and every philosophy!


Chris J Powell


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