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Social Media Monday – Cutting through the Noise

For anyone who has developed a following on any Social Media Network, they can be very noisy and taking the time to go through the mass of soap box speeches, game updates and political rhetoric can consume a great deal of time.  There are way s to filter out the messages, updates and posts that you actually want to see and here and across the four major Networks…that is just what I am going to talk about today.


The world of Twitter at the best of times can be a huge mess.  With more than 400 MILLION Tweets per day that is a lot of noise being sent out into the Interwebz and I can honestly say that just sorting through the relevant messages from the people that I follow can be a real challenge.

I use mobile devices like my iPad and my Android phone for much of my Tweeting (except when I am posting out to my followers an update…then it is right after I finish a post and I use HootSuite) but going through and finding the things that I would want to share or even better…read myself can almost become a full time job.

Creating Lists is a bit time consuming but is well worth it on the dark side of the moon (especially once you start following more than 5 or 10 people or brands).  There is no limit to the number of lists you can create and you can add people, keywords or hashtags (#) and create a list from there.  To create a list, simply click on your “Following” portion of your Twitter Home Page:

This will then present an option for Lists.  Create away and start adding time back into your day (and relevance to your time on Twitter).


It seems that Zuckerberg and his Facebook Minions can never leave things alone and are constantly trying to improve the “user experience” but for the most part they make it harder and harder to maintain any sense of what is going on with the Social Network.  Many dislike the Timeline…I for one kind of like it but there are other constant updates and changes that well frustrate me.  One of the things that I really hate is how Facebook arbitrarily places new friends into views and slots that they were not intended.  I found a very interesting Chrome Plugin that really makes it easy to start to focus on what I want to see from Facebook.

There are hundreds of tweaks and modifications that are available but with just the simple defaults it actually changes what and who I see updates from and places importance on Subscriptions and Friendships which is exactly what I want from a Social Network!

Worth the FREE Download and to learn more about the Social Fixer Plugin (also available for basically every browser except Internet Explorer) head on over and give it a try.  It may not solve all your Facebook wows but it sure did alleviate a few of mine (and created a whole new experience that actually seems to have altered the way Facebook works on the iPad too (just not the crappy iOS App).


The Professional Network is by far the best way for me to stay connected with my customers, colleagues and people that I really consider to be relevant to my professional life.  I have grown my network organically by getting to know people and then connecting. I try to share what is relevant and important and stay connected with them with regular reminders that I am there to help.

LinkedIn more than any other network that I focus on has made me money…there is no doubt about that.  But as my network has grown…there are more and more updates that consume time and effort to test the relevancy.  A feature that I recently started using a lot is the LinkedIn Today Feature that I can quickly check on what people within my network are doing and talking about without having to scroll through an Endless List.

While you are relying on LinkedIn’s filters to do this, the frequency of posts on LinkedIn is far less than it is on many other Networks and this method has not let me down yet.



From the ground up, Google+ was built to allow people to see and connect with their contacts in a unique way.  The addition of “Circles” allows the user to place people and brands into a filter that becomes far more manageable (until you have 500 Circles).

Between the Circles and the options to filter how much content is pushed your way (using the slider bar) the features and options available by default create a very unique and tweakable experience that is far better than the experiences on other Networks.

Taking the time to create the filters, tweaks and modifications is well worth the effort.  Take the time today and build a better and more relevant Social Future for yourself!



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