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Social Media Monday – Do you Want to be the Next Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg is sitting pretty on his Billions and even though there is talk on the Interwebz about Facebook losing touch with its Teenage users…the Social Network is not likely to go the way of MySpace anytime soon.  But for those enterprising individuals who are looking to kick start their life of having their very own Social Media Network there is an option out there.

Freely available and living life under the GNU General Public License, elgg is a platform on which to base a fledgling Social Media Empire upon.  There is a very active community that has developed nearly 1500 plugins with 100s of different themes to get your own Social Media Network off the ground.

This is the amazing thing about OpenSource, it truly does level the playing field and lets the individual have the choice to build a better tomorrow.  The elgg platform can be leveraged either as a Content Management Solution or as a full fledged way of creating a unique community.  Organizations like OxfamUNESCOInstitute of Executive CoachingWiley Publishing, and Johns Hopkins University use elgg in one form or another.

The power is yours and all you need is a Web Host that enables PHP 5+ and MySQL 5+ and you are set to be the next Facebook.  What would you do better than Zuck?


Chris J Powell


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