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Social Media Monday – Engage, Adapt and Alert

It still amazes me how easy it has become to engage in meaningful conversations because of a strong Social Presence.  The posts that I place here every day have moved from random thoughts to a more structured approach and as I close in on 2 years as a Blogger and Social Media Zealot, I find myself looking to how I need to Adapt myself to a new paradigm.

The shift that I am talking about stems from my full time gig as a Sales Professional.  I may have jumped ahead of the curve 2 years ago when I started to focus 10-15 hours per week on branding who I am, but the world has caught up.  Not only are the customers that I interact with far more comfortable in interacting via Social Media today than they were when I started…they are adapting far faster than I can keep up.

Take my LinkedIn Profile, when I started this whole process, I had a lowly 125 connections, now I am over 600…and that does not come from blind connections it comes from engaging others first before the connection is made.  The world of Endorsements and Recommendations on my LinkedIn profile have grown significantly and one could say that I am Living the Dream of Social Media…but am I?

As my customers and prospective customers have adapted to the changing paradigm that is Social Media, I still struggle with getting this message out to my colleagues.  The status quo of doing things the same way continues to dominate how they leverage the always on 24 / 7 world of Social Media.

My customers are not only adapting to the new reality, there new style of buying has also caused an Alert for me and for them…those who do not Engage and Adapt to this new reality are really not worth the time.  Not a day goes by that I do not get a request from one of my customers via one of the many ways that I strive to connect with them…and this further the Engagement as I continue to Adapt to this new reality.

Gone are the days of needing to blindly call new customers or send out emails to those who are no longer taking your calls.  Once there a tear in the Social Network fabric, and a real engaging conversation is happening there…trust takes a very new and very real form.

So why is it that everyone is not doing this?  Well to start with, I think that most people consider their job just that…a job.  As my wife, manager and several close colleagues have told me…you need to turn off “Krispy” and just be yourself.  I thrive on this hyper connectivity though so that is not so easy…and the last time I disconnected for a week…well lets just say the amount of “reconnecting” I had to do made it very difficult to justify turning things “off” again.

So what can you do?

Engage – Start by actually saying something.  It doesn’t take 2 hours a day to re-post an article or come up with an engaging tag line that you can share with those who are following you.  Reach out and make your self available to be reached…that is the strength of Engagement.

Adapt – The world is changing.  The Social Layer is all around us and the way that business is conducted is building into something with far more layers.  Adapting to this reality is key, regardless of if you are a buyer, seller or observer.

Alert – Be on alert, and be ready to alert others of what is important to you and to them.  Keep your ear to the door, and leverage the Engagement and ability to Adapt to see changes that otherwise you may have missed.

Well, that is actually more than I thought I would have to say today…considering I slept (watched a movie before bed…when will I learn).


Chris J Powell

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