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Social Media Monday – How do you find the time?

The most common question that I get asked by my colleagues and clients is how do you find the time to maintain a Social Presence like you do?  I do tend to go a little bit overboard when it comes to consistent blog posts, updating and maintaining a “Fleet” of Social Media Profiles and the marketing aspect never seems to end.

The fact that I get asked that question at all, tends to prove the point in the building of a Personal Brand in Social Media  because, like it or hate it, Social Media had me connected with a fair number of people.  It does become a challenge though and it is about to get a bit more challenging as I take on a couple of new roles with my local Toastmaster’s Club.

I have said it before that I started out with this Blog as a way to get ready for my day talking to clients and soon to be clients over the phone in my full time job.  1 hour per day I told myself…that is what I spend getting my head in the game doing brain teaser puzzles but unless you are connected with me on Facebook or Lurking over my shoulder you would have no idea what my score on Bejewelled Blitz was or how quickly I could clear a level of Majong on Ubuntu…no it was purely personal head space prep…that is it but I was spending at least an hour daily doing well nothing.

So for me the conversion of that time was simple, I registered the domain, and started out down the path to Social Enlightenment.  With more than 400 posts under my belt I am quite happy with how I have evolved in the space of just over 1 year.  I have made interesting new friends and connections over the past year (if I leave you out I am sorry – feel free to chastise me in the comments section).

  • Todd Nielsen – Blogger, Tweep and really solid mentor on Leadership
  • Dan Seider – the first to take up my challenge for guest posts here…two so far
  • Friends and Investors over at Empire Avenue – making it fun to build a Social Presence and see it grow…I can see the appeal in Stock Trading now (and the stresses that Publicly traded companies go through.
  • Tracy McKecknie – a friend from a lifetime ago that is more like a sister (from our time baking donuts at Swiss Pantry) has become a Blogger
  • My clients…for continuing to read the meanderings of a Sales Guy despite how darn busy you all are as IT Professionals…I do appreciate the kind words and unexpected emails after a post.

So finding the time, making the time or just reinvesting the time in Social Media is important.  Not just for a Sales Professional…for anyone who will need to look for a job, connect with other industry professionals or just stay connected.  You don’t have to go to the extreme that I have (I don’t do anything half way)…but you really should put some focus on just doing it.  It could just change your life!

Now I do have some tips to help you save some time in bridging the chasm that is Social Media.  If you are going to post regularly then build a schedule that you will be able to stick with, leverage a social monitoring tool like HootSuite to assist you in getting your message out there and most importantly:

If you start…don’t stop…there is nothing worse than a barren field of blah that is unmaintained.  Just like an abandoned lot, it will become overgrown with weeds and be an internet eyesore very quickly.

I keep my time to about 1 hour in the morning for this post and then intermittent check ins through out the day…but then in the evening is Social all the time…tablets are awesome for this…I can prep for my next post, monitor and promote the site…but it is time “well wasted”.


Chris J Powell

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