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Social Media Monday – Is Social Media a Cult of Transparency?

There is a real advantage of having an online personality that is almost exactly the same as my real world personality…and that is you get what you see.  No hidden agenda, no attempts to get something more than a real and honest connection. As a Sales Professional I strive to be honest and true to who I am and what I do but the depths to which my Social Media Investment has taken me sometimes has if too much of me is put out there for people to get to know and my Transparency is actually more of an addiction and the more that I share…the more it can disrupt.

In a recent report by Price Waterhouse Coopers UK identified that CEOs in the UK want to develop stronger and more open connections and relationships with their customers.  This is very important and as a consumer, knowing that the highest level of a company is truly accessible with a Tweet, email or Facebook message is pretty important.  It removes the filter and empowers the consumer to truly make a connection with the companies we do business with.

The challenge with this level of transparency though is that Social Media can become a tremendous time suck and the more connections means more potential for mixed messages and Social Media missteps, but at the same time, this is the ultimate goal that anyone involved with Social Media should be striving for.

I start to wonder if this transparency cult that is forming is a real effort or just another cheezy marketing ploy?  Is this an honest and real desire to truly connect or just a way to gather more intelligence?  For me I know the answer…the Connection is all important for me!

It came into question on my Blog Post on Saturday about what the real implications of being in the LinkedIn Top 5% were.  There was an interesting comment left on that post and while I responded, I think it makes more sense to expand on it here.

I have nothing to hide when it comes to my Social Media Presence.  Whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any of the other dozen or so Social Networks that I am active with.  I leverage the Social World to #1 Drive Traffic here to my site, #2 Build Real Long Term Connections with Real People, #3 Enhance my Professional Status.

It is that simple.  I don’t hide behind any other agenda, I am a Sales Professional and while that to some means that every second phrase out of my mouth is “Wanna Buy” that is just not the case.  To me the relationship matters, and I make recommendations and facilitate purchases!

In the PWC article it does start to dive into the worship status that the analysis of online communications can have in this Big Data Social Driven World we live in.  Social Analytics needs to be a real focus.  Understanding not only who is connecting with your brand but also why, how often and for what reason can and will change the way we do business.  That is the biggest reason for me personally that I invest so much time in my Social Transparency.  I want to change how companies do business, and relate and interact with Sales People…er Sales Professionals.

At my full time job we have a very dedicated Director of Client Experience who has coined a phrase that I have always tried to follow even before it became part of our company culture:

If Prospecting is King, then Service is Queen

And I say…Long Live the Queen!


Chris J Powell

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