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Social Media Monday – It is all in the Message

New Media or Social Media makes each and everyone of us part of a global phenomena that is all about sharing information, providing our opinions and connecting with hundreds if not thousands of new people every day.  I have said it before that I try to interact with every social connection that I “collect” and don’t blindly head out and grab 50 contacts for the sake of having the biggest numbers.

When I did a quick scan of the messages that I have been putting out as I build my own Social Presence I thought what better way to look to the resources that I put most of my effort into.  Yes I spend more than 90 minutes per day honing my writing skills and putting my sometimes random thoughts out for the world to see but this site is about my Rants…it is about what I am thinking each morning.  I try to have a topic…and most days I do but then others it is just a musing or observation.

Having a message, knowing why you want to invest time and effort into your Social Media Presence is key.  Don’t do it if you are just going to take up space and not add value to someone out there!  This goes for both personal brands and business brands as well.  Have a plan and follow through.

The product that you will be putting forward is not a Widget, or a Car, or even the Real Estate that you are selling.  It is all about the connection that you make with your real customers…those who will not only read the stuff you publish but who will come back for more and with a little luck…share your content with their connections.

I blog and read things about Technology.  I would likely be doing something similar if I was not a Tech Sales Guy.  I am a Geek…it is what I love.  But what ever you do for a living…making it personal, from the heart and always honest…that is the key.  People will seek you out if you have the right information.

You could be an avid fisherman…well guess what…there are more than 40,000,000 (basically 1 in 10 people are License Holders in North America) and I would guess that more than one or two of them have a computer.

What about your other extra curricular activities like reading books – Do a Book Review, or look into sharing insights with others about your favorite Authors.

Camping, Hiking, Computer Games, TV Shows, Shopping, you name it there is a niche that is calling your name to give your opinions.  But don’t expect to be an over night success.  It takes time, it takes effort and most importantly it takes consistency to build a following.

This time each morning has become part of my ritual.  I look forward to waking up and letting the words spill from my finger tips.  Find your passion and Tweet it!  Fall in love with your hobby again and Share it in a Blog.  It can be a ton of fun and a the very worst…you meet a few new people along the way.


Chris J Powell


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