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Social Media Monday – Should Your Brand Decentralize?

There has long been a philosophy within Social Media Marketing that keeping all the creative and impact within the hands of a Marketing or IT Group is well…bonkers.  But what is the real justification of spreading the wealth around within a company?  Surely the risk of opening up and allowing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of voices could be a potential disaster right?

Back in June 2012, an Aussie PR Specialist named Summer Goodwin went out on a limb with this exact plan in a post over at  In the article she introduced 7 key wins for the Decentralized model, as always I have added some Krispyifications to the story and if you want to see the original…click the PR Warrior link above.

1. More brand noise

If one is good, couldn’t 25 or 30 be better?  To reach the masses…it is not reasonable to expect 1 person to maintain connections with 1000’s or potentially Millions of points of contact.

2. More compelling content

Each person has their own take, style and charm when it comes to conveying a message.  That is why people connect and follow the individual.  Pulling in a following and spreading the work means far more potential wins from the sharing of personal rather than just Brand Stories.

3. More relevance

The stories and connections that come from “crowd sourcing” the Social Strategy means that with dozens of smaller groups, each with a “voice” and a following, the Brand grows stronger because each ambassador has built the connections and can maintain the relevant conversation that you want.

4. More savvy employees

Training is key.  Opening the flood gates and removing restrictions without guidance is truly a recipe for disaster.  Employees want to see a business succeed but they need a helping hand.  There is a difference between dabbling in Social Media for fun and maintaining a professional face.

5. More speed in a crisis

Crisis communications has become important in this age.  One voice can get lost in the ever growing “Social Noise” that we subject ourselves to.  Having the power to “Flash Blast” a crisis message means the chances of getting the message out and actions taken greatly increase.

6. More feedback

To know what is happening behind the scenes and maintain true connections with customers across all channels is key.  The long term benefit is that with more points of communication comes more opportunities to achieve the goal of perfect customer satisfaction.  Business as Usual is over and ignoring Social Media Complaints can end a businesses ride to success.

7. More innovation

Opening the options for innovation and having a team from multiple departments and divisions all coming up with the future path is an amazing thought.  Accenture recently released an interesting Case Study on this topic and regardless of industry, experience or budget, it is important to look to what the possibilities are when it comes to Social Connections.

Take a step away from the status quo this week.  Shake things up, build a new path and direction for a Social Media Strategy.  Decentralizing and focusing on the end game of positive interactions with your customers should be the only real goal.


Chris J Powell

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