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Social Media Monday – The Online Community

I talk about the power of engagement and connections and from time to time the relationships that I build with my colleagues and clients because of the time that I invest each morning to connect the dots and focus on sharing and helping.  Yes I know that seems like a strange thing to do for a Sales Guy but in this day and age, the connections that we all make today are likely to carry through the next decade and beyond.

One of the biggest challenges that has faced me though during my journey into and around Social Media has been a sense of belonging.  I can connect and engage well enough to earn top spot as a Sales Guy, friends and family turn to me first when a tech question comes up…that is the Geek Factor…but how do I take the Engagement and Trusted Advisor status to the next level?

The domain has been kicking around for quite some time now…and I really have not done much about it or with it.  So I was tossing around the concepts and the future of Social Media/Networking and found one f the biggest trends this year is going to be the creation of “Communities”.  No I am not going to be taking my Rants over to Second Life (although wouldn’t that be interesting…nah who am I kidding).

The reality is, this blog and my messages that go out into cyberspace do a good job at connecting with people…but what would be awesome is if I could also connect people with people and facilitate a community.  But how does one start?  Where does one look to find people to join?  What platform is best?  How does it grow?  The first step would be to figure out how to start.

That luckily is aided by the good folks over at  I looked at their Primer About Successful Online Communities and well lets just say that the idea engine started to kick in.  What are you doing about creating a community for your customers, colleagues and work mates?  How are you engaging your next level of connections to achieve your goals and objects?

Stay tuned…the launch may just happen sooner than I could even imagine.


Chris J Powell

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