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Social Media Monday – The Personal Brand and How Do you Keep Up

Sleeping in is one of those things that so rarely happens for me…and not getting up at 5:30 AM was truly a welcome change today for here in Ontario it is Family Day!  But now that my batteries are recharged an my day is started:

Personal Branding is one of those touchy subjects that from my experience, both Employers and Employees get a little funny about.  For the Employer, it may be the potential loss of an Employee because their personal marketing skills have them move on to a new job or it could be the potential risk of a Social Media Gaff.  For Employees though, most see the personal brand as a pain, more work for no additional pay and the concept of having to tread lightly when it comes to a Personal Message it is just too risky to violate the Social Media Policies.

With just 2 months left before I celebrate my two year anniversary of this blog and my dive into Social Media and Personal Branding I can say that every minute worth of effort and hard work has paid off.  I am in the business of relationship building and while my Job Description at work says that I am in Sales…I truly believe that we are all in sales so I would say that I turn that concept around and say that I am more of a Relationship Manager in a Sales Department.

It is interesting that my Personal Branding Efforts have allowed me to change what I do for a living from a peddler of wares to a Buying Facilitator and for many of my customers…a Trusted Advisor.

To be able to build a Personal Brand there are things that you have to respect:

  1. What is your Company’s Social Media Policy…find a way to work within it and never, ever break the rules when it comes to what those guidelines are!
  2. Add Value…if you are not adding value, then it does not matter how big your collection of LinkedIn Connections is…it doesn’t matter.
  3. Spread around the Wealth…The Social World is not a one Site Pony!  Find a way to spread your message by using as many channels as possible.
  4. Social Media does not need to be expensive…the only expense that I have is my Annual Domain Name Charges and my Hosting Fee.  I use free tools for everything else!
  5. Add Value…yes I know that I said that in #2 but it can not be stressed enough.  It is not just about posting…it is about letting people see what you can do for them!
  6. Invest the Time to do it Right…Improving your Brand does not get a Day off.  It is an EVERY DAY thing…but the good news is…it only takes a few minutes each day for it all to pay off.

If you are not sure on how to get started…well here are some ways that I found useful and there are more resources coming forward every day…just do a Google Search but if you want to dive into a deeper connection and get some insights from solid and reputable people in big books well here is a recommended reading list (All Links go to and I do not get a cut or any kickback…but I should really think about doing that…note to self)

The Reading List is not exhaustive by any means.  I have invested heavily in my time to pull down and expand my personal library so that it currently encompasses over 1 TB of eBook and Audio Books and has completely filled 2 5 Shelf Book Cases (with some overflow to my desk at work).

Constant Learning and experimentation with your own way of doing the “Branding” is key because you are unlike a business or any other person.  It really doesn’t matter what your job/career is today, everyone can benefit from diving into the world of Personal Branding.


Chris J Powell

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