Chris J Powell

Social Media Monday – The Rise of the Social CRM

There is no disputing the fact that Social Media is here to stay.  It connects all of us in a unique and powerful way but businesses around the world are still trying to catch up to the Social Revolution.  One way that companies are trying to tie into the Online Presence of their customers is through the integration of Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software.

The power of a true plan for Socializing the Sales Process is that the customer is in the center!  I firmly believe that regardless of what I try to do as a Sales Professional, if I forget that at the end of the day, my customers deserve the best that I can provide for them…then I am wasting my time and more importantly…theirs.

I located a very interesting Infographic that looks to the power of Social CRM and thought that it really did show the depth of what the future will hold.

Just a few more hours until Vacation starts…enjoy your time with friends, family and good cheer everyone!

Chris J Powell

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