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Social Media Monday – Thought Leadership

The concept of thought leadership is defined as:

Thought leader is business jargon for an entity that is recognized by peers for having innovative ideas. – Wikipedia

So are you behind the concept?  What have you done for your community lately?  Are you an expert or someone that others want to hear from?  The idea of people reaching out to you as a person that they either want to do business with, want to hire or even better…want to share their own insights with you about is one of the great things about Social Media!

LinkedIn announced last week that they were opening the doors to a new service that puts what it considers to be the “Thought Leaders” and extends their posts so that you can get a glimpse at what it is that they have to say with out making an official Connection.

I went on the list and cherry picked a few that I thought would be interesting like

Tim O’Reilly,

Richard Branson,

Danny Sullivan,

Joichi Ito,

Pete Cashmore


There are CEO’s, CTO’s, Presidents and Prime Ministers.  There are Industrial Heavyweights, Journalistic Heavyweights and Promoters of Good through out the list.  Will this be a game changer for LinkedIn?  Is the option to Follow that compelling that even more people with join the “Professional Network”?  Having read through the initial posts from the thought leaders…I will definitely invest more time on LinkedIn than my daily posts and using it as a communication option.

Looking through the initial blast of posts…who wouldn’t want Start Up advise directly from Sir Richard Branson or Geek Tips from Tim O’Reilly?  The opportunity to not only follow these posts but also comment and communicate well…that is a big win for LinkedIn and for all of us because we now have a new way to extend our connections even further…knowing what is going on in the heads of “Thought Leaders” should provide a mental boost for those of us who strive to be more than what we are today.

Check out the new feature at LinkedIn…start following a Thought Leader in your industry!



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