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Social Media Monday – Top 12 Social Networks with a Mobile Twist

Recently the site released a top 12 Social Networking sites.  The question is…do you have a presence on any of them?  Their top 12 list is all about the Mobile Apps available and with the push to Mobile…it does make sense.

1. Facebook

By far the most popular social networking site on the planet Facebook is home to more than any other Social Media site…on October 4 it was revealed that more than 1 Billion people use Facebook each month…that is impressive.  Personally I see Facebook as a very personal site that I tend to keep out of the realm of my professional strategy and focus more on the connections with Family and Friends but I do follow several brands there.

2. Four Square

For those Social Check Ins, Four Square is king.  I have never really gotten into the whole badges and mayor concept of the network but then again…there is only so many times that I can check in at home and at work…I tend to be a little too insulated when it comes to exploring the world. With 20 million users though, it is something that brands should be aware of…especially with a Local subset…if you have a store front…offer something up on Four Square…nothing beats repeat business.

3. Google+

My favorite of all the Social Networks with its use of Circles to organize and categorize your contacts and the fact that it directly impacts my “searchability” on Google it is in my opinion the diamond in the rough when it comes to the Social World.  With 400 Million Users, it is far from the ghost town that has been previously reported.

4. Imo-IM

As far as apps go, many people love to chat and the Imo-IM App is all about maintaining that conversation all the time…through multiple conversations.  I ended my “chatting” days  when the Interwebz were still very young but it is still a great way to stay in touch.

5. Instagram

The Photo Sharing world was forever changed with the creation of Instagram.  Posting the “on the go life” has never been easier and with more than 7.3 million DAILY users…this is not going away anytime soon.  How can a Brand leverage and use an Instagram account? Well you would first have to have something interesting to share…but beyond that…I would say do it and then snap away with those smart phones!

6. LinkedIn

With one of the most complete and forward thinking Apps out there, I can only say that the Professional  Network site with more than 150 million users it is by far the best way to engage and connect with customers and clients.  For me it has become a lifeline to constant communication.

7. Twitter

Sharing of thoughts and ideas 140 characters at a time may seem like a challenge at first…especially if you are like me and like to talk but the reality is…it is a great exercise in getting your message boiled down into the quickest format possible.  It has become a two way communication stream for me on multiple levels.  I share my work…my thoughts and sometimes my activities and engage with the people that I work with.  With over 175 million users this micro-blogging culture is worth the investment.

8. Path

A truly mobile Social Networking service, Path is a Mobile Only Network that lets you build and share information with your Inner Circle…directing them to “hang out” with you and share your deepest, darkest secrets…I tried it…and well…as I said about Four Square…you have to do things to be interesting!

9. Pinterest

Many say that Pinterest is the “Woman’s Social Network” but the layout and way that the connections are made…I would have to disagree.  I rather enjoy scrolling through the links and “likes/wants” that are listed…if only there was a way to truly connect with the brands that are liked.  I was reading that for brands that are selling goods…there is a far greater chance of a Pinterest Link ending up in an eCommerce Sale than a Facebook Ad…so it is worth adding this to your connection strategy.

10. Tumblr

The Microblogging site has several advantages over the Other Networks as it is an opportunity for people to vent, rant and share in a more profound way than just posting a short message or putting up a picture.  You can create your own Brand right there with nothing more than a few minutes per day…a will to build and new content.

11. WhatsApp

Another Instant Messenger that works with multiple Networks it is a great way to stay connected…personally I prefer HootSuite as I am more about the monitoring than the direct connection.

12. Yelp

I have more than once turned to Yelp for advise on where to go for dinner.  I find it to be a real representation of what kind of service and food to expect when you are out on the town and the fact that I have yet to find a town or city not covered…is a testament to the power of crowd sourcing of reviews.

Well that is the list with a little Krispyfication to it…Mobile is the wave of the future…and Social will make the world go round so jump on board…give the Apps a Try…if you haven’t already.

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