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Social Media Monday – What is Your Content Saying About YOU?

The challenge that I face on a daily basis is having a unique presence on each of the 15 Social Networks that I try to maintain.  The Big 4 (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+) get by far the lions share of my attention but each has a unique following in them.  Sure there is some cross over and a great mix between real friends, work colleagues, clients and Social Connections that don’t fit into one of those categories (yet).

The Image I chose for today really does imply that a different message needs to be presented depending up on the network that is posted and that to me is the biggest challenge with Social Media.  I have tried to leverage tools that will allow a single post to go through out my different networks and well I have found that the message just gets lost in the translation when that happens.

So what is a person supposed to do?  Create 4 or 8 or 12 or more unique posts for each type of content so that it has the right traction…well I have been looking into it and the basic answer is yes and no.  The message can be the same but the wording and context does need to be modified.  I have built this blog and my social connections all without the assistance of anyone other than those who follow me.

I have rarely seen Blogs that are built with a daily post (from one person) that have been sustained for 6 months (yes I am now on day 172 without missing a post) but on most days am retweeting, tweeting, G+ing and on Facebook for about 2 hours daily.  This is beyond the “Facebook Games” that still seem to draw me in.    There is rarely a day goes by that a client or colleague does not mention a recent post.  This is what and why I invest this time for.

Whether you are building a Personal Brand like I am (to enable better engagement and trust) or if you are a CMO or Digital Marketer trying to break out of the old ways of doing business…I believe that the first to the post with real connection will be the winner.

Because each Network has a different “following” and are used for different purposes…it is important to be prepared to engage with different messages to each.  For months I focused on just Twitter and LinkedIn and while my existing base was strong, I did not see much growth.  Since I have “spread my wings” I have doubled my Twitter and LinkedIn Connections, have a much deeper engagement with a new “community” on Facebook, Google+ has become one of my favorite ways to connect with new “Geeks” and you know what…as much time as it takes to focus on these 4 networks (and also dabble in many more) I truly feel that the content is saying that I am exactly what I say I am.  Nothing more and nothing less.

And in a world where Social Presence is king and the currency is the connection…this is a good thing.  I believe that if you are in Sales (and aren’t we all) that having a Social Presence that shows WHO you are, WHAT you have to say and HOW you are different from the rest of the crowd is critical.

So, what is your Content Saying about You?

Today is the day to make your changes.

Don’t tell the world about your donuts…as delicious and carb filled as they may be (yes I already miss you my sweet glaze covered doughy goodness).


Chris J Powell


2 thoughts on “Social Media Monday – What is Your Content Saying About YOU?

  1. Chris,

    I agree with your strategy of multiple tentacles (networks). I invoke Metcalfe’s Law here:'s_law The interaction among the different networks creates an exponential synergy, and it is so easy to connect and integrate social networks. When I post on my blog, an intro to the post shows up on Facebook, Twitter and Linkdein. When I Tweet, it is also posted on Linkedin, etc.

    • That really is the challenge. The time involved in proper management of a Brand (Personal or Product) is tremendous, but I find that most people think that a Social Presense is just Facebook. Walking the path in multiple ways always changes the view, the contact and the context. Thanks for the comment.

      Chris “Krispy” Powell

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