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Social Media Monday – Who Are You on Social Media?

My experiences and belief in the power of Social Media were fully transformed this weekend as my “Facebook Family” took on a special request and set out in my home town to find our lost dog.  Within minutes of the original post, a virtual army was raised and there was boots and tires on the ground looking for our lost Chelsea.

With that being said it started me thinking about the power of Social Media and who I am within the realms of Social Media.  It is a strange feeling thinking about who you are when it comes to the nebulous virtual world of Social Media though and I was treading carefully as I did not want to find something that would scare me away from Social Media…I could not have been happier with what I found.

When looking for the “Faces of Social Media” I came across an very interesting article about the interaction with customers when it comes to Social Media over at in her article about Social Media Personas she covers off some very interesting points about who and how the people that you interact with behave and want to be perceived.

I work very hard to be a Thought Leader and while the biggest challenge I face is having enough time in any given day…Social Media is an very much so included part of what I do, both personally and professionally.  What I found most interesting is a graph that was presented in the article that lays claim that 90% of Social Media followers are Lurkers, and while the term may seem negative, the reality is they are just like the 90% of the population that in real life may not share a positive or negative impact to their friends but they are your most loyal customers, readers and followers.

If you are in anyway engaged in Social Media, I firmly believe that the silent majority is who you want to try to convert.  Building a raving fan and get them to talk about what ever it is that you want to promote, sell, engage or share…that is when Social Media becomes a very powerful tool.  To do that…you need to be in the 1% that creates original content…give something that will engage the Lurkers and make them want to click the share button…leave a comment or leap onto your next big “sale”.


Chris J Powell

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