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Social Media Monday – Why Google+?

I was lucky enough to earn a spot on the Google+ Train within the first week of its public Beta. I still remember sitting in the local Fish and Chip Shop with my wife and daughter doing a cheesy Google+ Dance but after 18 months…what is the verdict?

I have amassed nearly 400 people in my “circles” have multiple posts per day and have had more than a few lively conversations on the Social Network but I have not extended my reach on this network the same way as I do on Facebook.  I think Facebook is still very much my “personal” network that I use to stay connected with my friends and family and that remains the appeal for the most part.

That though is about to change…in a big way.  There are several things about Google+ that make it far superior to any other Social Network and I plan to explore some of those ways in the coming 6 months.  The things that really stand out for me though are:

  • Circles – I can setup people in one or more circle and then target them with updates
  • Hangouts – Putting this ugly mug out there in this way is something that I have not done yet…but I plan on experimenting with this very soon
  • Pages – intriguing but again, I have not built my Page yet…emphasis is on YET!
  • Communities – the newest feature may just be the Facebook killer as it really is an interesting way to connect and expand your social network
  • Events – lets me set up Dates of Importance…like scheduling Hangouts?
  • Mobile App – the mobile App for iOS and Android is just plain slick

The growing relevance of Google+ can be attributed directly to its association with Google itself…one can not deny that having Google backing you is a pretty solid bet and when it integrates with Google Search, helps to promote and expand your reach…that is all a good thing.

Yep…starting today…I will be investing more time in the building of a true Google+ Network.  If you want to join me on this new journey: Krispy’s G+ Profile – I always follow back!


Chris J Powell

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