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Social Media Monday – Why Measure Social Media

Considering that my second fully time job is the building and maintaining of a fairly extensive Social Presence (if fairly extensive can constitute the many directions and new connections that Social Media has presented to me), but I fear that by jumping on the “bandwagon” of nearly every Social Site out there I may be diluting what I have worked so hard to achieve.

The only problem is, these new sites and networks that  I have joined recently are allowing to expand my audience dramatically without having to do much more than what I was already doing.  So how does one measure the success of a Social Media Connection and Why Would one do so?

I caught this profound statement from over at

The argument went something like this: Since Social Media is (or should be) a pervasive element within organizations, then measuring it as if it were a mere marketing tool is foolish, because it (social media) touches every element of a business; it is impossible to quantify every aspect of an organization’s activities, and some of the most profound activities, that produce significant results, are intangible and unquantifiable.

So as I have been searching for a way to measure my success I took this statement a little to heart.  Am I doing all of this for something that can not be equated to either a raw number or even how much new business I can bring in for the company I work for?  Is this all just a matter of talking for the sake of talking?

The Corporate World in general is taking Social Media very seriously and while there are options to dump 1000s of dollars into the measuring of the engagement of a “Brand” should I be just sitting back and taking things as they come?

When I joined Empire Avenue just over a week ago I thought of it as a bit to “gamey” and while some of the most respected social experts that I know personally tend to agree I went forward and low and behold I have been successfully spreading my message and expanding my network by a rate of about 10-15 people per day (Google+ and Twitter especially).  So while another one of my colleagues put it very well in a Facebook Post not too long ago:

Sorry, I’m no “Social Media Guru”, but isn’t the best way to measure engagement to see who carries on conversations with you? Not how many points Klout gives you, or how much your virtual stock is worth?

I have a Klout score in the 50’s, and it goes up and down for no discernable reason.

Lindsey Lohan has a Klout score of 72, and can’t get a job.

So while I think it is important to have a way of measuring the overall success of Social Media to ensure focus…I think that it still boils down to having something to say that people want to listen too.  If they share it and comment on it that guess what…you have done something pretty cool and that is Social Media Success.  I can live with that.  Will I stop doing all that I do…no…I think that it is fun meeting the new people and connecting with them in some pretty unique ways.


Chris J Powell

2 thoughts on “Social Media Monday – Why Measure Social Media

  1. I like how you say “I think that it is fun meeting the new people and connecting with them in some pretty unique ways.”

    To me that is what Social Media is all about. If you take it too seriously and worry about every little measurement, in my humble opinion it takes away from the wonderment of Social Media.

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