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Social Media Monday's – Bringing back the + in Google+

Google+ has been getting some bad press lately.  It is classified as a Ghost Town, Wasteland and well some even more derogatory remarks that I care not to repeat here.  I am guilty as much as everyone else who jumped on board the wonderful world of Google+ when it was still an Invite Only Beta Test and then forgot about it.  Google+ really does have the makings of a solid alternative it Facebook and Twitter…but well we need to commit to the bit as Google+ Users first!

In an article that highlights the success of Google+ Power Users Jeff Bullas highlights some of the things that are going right and we can all implement into our Google+ Strategies.  From the very beginning I thought that there would be huge advantages to the world of G+ but I let myself get off track, and I partially blame Google for being slow to release an App for the iPad as the iPhone one really, really sucks!

From the Article though, I was able to pull out my top 3 tips to use G+ better:

  1. Interaction – if you silently post your thoughts and hope for some one to care…they won’t!  If you are trying to get a message out, it is time for some good old fashioned Cold Calling – Social Networking Style.  Okay…maybe not that far but still…reach out and touch some one on G+, don’t spam or force your message but start up a conversation…it may lead you to places you never knew you could go!
  2. G+ is not Passive – The same as above but even more so on the Engagement.  Imagine if every retail store removed the sales people from payroll.  You would walk in and there is only the cashier and a Security Guard in the store.  It might be fine the first couple of times of not having to listen to that annoying “can I help you” but then when you actually need assistance…then it is a Ghost Town!  If you are not sure how to make the most out of your G+ Experience…do a search, add them to a Circle and ask a question.  The worst that will happen is there will be no answer…but I think from my previous experience…that will not happen often.
  3. G+ is an Identity Engine – If you are trying to build a Personal Brand or a Brand of any kind, G+ is perfect for this as it is so tightly integrated into the framework of Google Search.  If you remember the first 2 points…there should be no reason why your other posts, functions and networks keep you off Page One of a Google Search (Unless of course your name is John Smith).

I said earlier that I am guilty of leaving Google+ behind as I integrated the things that I do with other Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Naymz, Pinterest etc) but then I stepped back and realized that just because there is not a free option out there that effectively lets me manage the “Krispy Brand” so I would need to make some modifications

I had been relying on HootSuite to let me post a single message…I started to find that one message on all networks was far to impersonal so I build out a new Social Strategy.  I am going to be tweaking it over the  next couple of weeks but it should be ready to launch for July 1.

Well that is it for me today.  Thanks to everyone who helped me rally for a strong finish to the weekend.  Today is the first day of my 30 Day Challenge.  So far, Black Coffee (no sugar), 3 Glasses of Water and a Nibble to eat.  I am packing up a Salad for Lunch…wish me luck!


Chris J Powell

2 thoughts on “Social Media Monday's – Bringing back the + in Google+

  1. I wonder how this shakes out. You have at least 6 SM buttons. I have seen sites with 15 or 20. That makes no sense. No one can keep up with this, and the value of each is diminished by so many.

    • Having committed a substantial portion of my time away from work on connecting and engaging people through Social Networks, I have learned it is truly a case that different people want an dlook for different things from each Network.

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