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Social Media Monday's – What is SoMoLo???

In my inbox this morning was a final reminder of the kickoff of info360 that takes place this week in New York City, an event that I would love to attend but it just not fit into my plans or budget this year.  What really caught my attention was an Acronym that I had not added to my list of goto words: SoMoLo.  What is it???

For businesses and enterprises striving to achieve a win with the hearts and minds of today’s consumer or for that matter even in the B2B marketplace there really are three fundamental shifts in the way that companies do business.  The demand to be Social and Mobile we get but the inclusion of Local really does make a play directly at the hearts and minds of the local economies that businesses support.

As a Sales Professional, the company that I work for is has a global presence and I work with organizations that span 15 different timezones…so I know how I build the Social, Mobile…well that is a challenge but nothing I can’t handle…but with such a diverse ecosystem of clients…how do I add the Local component?

The SoMoLo@NY component of the info360 conference looks really interesting as it combines the marketing component with the IT Professional component and then throws caution to the wind as a new Revolution starts.

The ability to localize content delivery and have different messages within the content that is targeted to the individual will be the difference between traditional marketing and the SoMoLo style of marketing.  This will involve a great deal of insight that is focused on the regional differences through effective use of Business Intelligence and Big Data Tools.   If in my full time job I deal with 15 time zones, I find that my morning work of going Social is truly a focus that has a Global Reach.  In the past month alone I have made interesting connections and contact with people in 87 different countries…how can I produce content that is still relevant to so many different people…well the reality is that I can not do it alone.

That is one of the many reasons why I have opened things up and I am expanding Krispy’s Rants to have some additional content authors.  For more check out the Partners and Contributors Page!

For businesses looking to break into the SoMoLo marketplace here are some resources to help you gain some focus:

There is no simple answer to the challenges that we face today…and it will not get easier! The trend is happening now and the sooner that organizations get ahead of this trend and start listening to their customers, partners and even vendors…the economy will not only get better…it will flourish.

I for one will be taking up the gauntlet…who will join me?


Chris J Powell


2 thoughts on “Social Media Monday's – What is SoMoLo???

  1. Hi,

    It’s not easy to find commited colaborators. Often they start enthusiastically and then it fades after a couple of articles.

    Writing a blog, demands most of all research and discipline.
    Discipline to write on a regular basis and research to be unique and not repeat mistakes or unsustained news.

    As for the mobile marketing, it’s something that is being discussed for several years but is still in it embrionary stage in terms of reach when compared with other forms of marketing.

    The marketing competition is fierce and only creativity can make campaigns stand out.

    Best regards,


  2. It is really interesting to see how many global companies are seeming to encourage the Local. I see efforts by Google, MS, and even Facebook pushing this direction. It would be intriguing to track the cash.

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