Chris J Powell

Sometimes being the Resident Geek has its Disadvantages

I feel like I was on a 4 day bender this morning and all because I am a Geek.  There was no Boiler Makers or Jaagermeisters involved just an intensive rehab of not one but two Windows Computers that were acting up on family members and friends of friends.

For those who follow me on Google+ or Facebook you will know that I have an interesting “fetish” for the T-shirt of the day and while I have held off on posting this one…I think the timing is right to have it show up here.  The problem is, as much as I enjoy the tinkering and fiddling with computers is a real enjoyment for me…I have really come to the conclusion that my better judgement needs to take over and call it quits so that I do not end up putting in a 21 hour day…yes that is right it was 3:30 AM before I packed it in as I was nodding off at my desk.

Both situations were a matter of simple re-installing Windows and as much as it always pains me to have to put on that particular support hat, when the problem expanded to the one machine running so slow that it would not even boot…I started to wonder if they would notice if I installed Linux and took it back to them!  The crisis is averted and for the one PC owner, work will be able to be accomplished today so that is a good thing.

Will I ever be able to live up to the mantra that is on the T-Shirt above…not likely!  I love the challenge of solving the root cause of the problem and making things better for my “customers”.

Cheers and have a great weekend…I think I should go back to bed after I deliver the patient back home.

Chris J Powell

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