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Sometimes it is the Little things

I love my technology but sometimes there are little things that just make me smile and say to myself “that is cool”.  One such occurrence happened this morning as I was trolling through the interwebz for some inspiration.  I came across an article over at that highlighted the “theft” of ideas that Apple has taken from Android and found out that I could split the keyboard on my iPad.


Now this may be old hat for many “iPad Power Users” but with the general restrictions that are built into iOS, I just don’t bother learning how to get around the frustrations and just live with them (until I can decide if I upgrade my phone to one of the Samsung Super Phones (Galaxy Note or Galaxy SIII) that are big enough to be a Tablet Replacement but small enough to work as a phone.

For those out there like me who live most of your time in Landscape Mode on the iPad but have not had the split keyboard revelation yet…here is how you do it:

In the Settings Menu under General, set your Keyboard option to “Split Keyboard” On.  This will not automatically change for you though as I had this setting configured since the last upgrade.  When you activate the onscreen keyboard…simply use a two figured or two thumbed approach and split your continuous keyboard in two.  I figure this will increase my typing speed by about 20 words per minute easily.  Mobile Blog Posts here I come!

Well that is it for me…have a busy day ahead.


Chris J Powell

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