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Sometimes Justice Prevails…and well WE all Win

Normally on Saturdays I would comb through my Twitter, Flip Book and Zite accounts looking for the nuggets that I could share with all of you but when there comes a story that makes me smile so much I just have to put my spin on things and do a full post.  As many of you know, I am not a fan of the ongoing Patent Battles that are waging across the globe and the acts of a few Patent Trolls making innovation a thing of the past.  That being said, in a surprise ruling US District Court Judge Richard Posner just earned an “At-A-Boy” from me!

There has been a long series of Patent Trolling Cases that have gone back and forth between Apple and (all Android handset manufacturers), Oracle and Google, Microsoft and Apple, this tech giant ant that tech giant…and the only thing that happens is that our stuff that we want gets more expensive, these lawyers and lawfirms are making money hands over fist and the technology and products that are built…are getting crappier and crappier.

Judge Posner through out a case that had been pending trial between Apple and Motorola and had been building since 2010.  Not only did he dismiss the case, he did so with Prejudice meaning that neither party can refile.  This major thumb to the nose and an attitude of SAVE THE COURT ROOM FOR REAL ISSUES, NOT SOAP BOX WHINING SESSIONS!!!  This was a wonderful start to my day.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly feel that Intellectual Property is an important commodity but the way that Patents are awarded an with the 2011 updated to the America Invents Act…it is going to get far worse before it gets better.

On a lighter side…I am taking it that Larry Ellison (CEO of Oracle) is not too overly upset with his recent loss or at the very least non-win against Google as he went out and bought the 6th largest island in Hawaii for some where around $500 million.

View from room Angelfish 3, Manele Bay Hotel, Lanai
Image taken from VentureBeat Article

Well I have yet another busy Saturday in front of me.  We close out and clean up our old place today and I have a ton of running around to do…most of which is going to cost me money which is unfortunate.

Cheers and have a great day!

Chris J Powell

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