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Sony Gets Hacked, Ubuntu Release and a White iPhone

Some big news that affects many of us around the globe today.

The Sony Network is down so for all the Play Station 3 junkies out there take a chill pill, plug in your Wii and relax cause your not alone,  more than 70 million subscribers are also Jonesing for their online gaming fix.  The hacker group Anonymous has taken credit for taking down the network and sited the anti-Sony effort against the sites, which it is called OpSony, were “disciplinary actions” against Sony’s private domains, which were paid for with Sony’s own money, and implicitly compared that to Sony’s actions against Hotz’s privately owned game console. Sony has said it was protecting its intellectual-property rights.

Install parties for the latest release of Ubuntu (aka Natty Narwahl) checkout the LoCo site for an event near you.  I wear my love for Ubuntu on my arm…don`t believe me…do a Google Image search for Ubuntu Tattoo…I am still the No. 1 Image result after nearly 4 years.  Why is this release so big…it is all about Unity – the new Desktop User Interface that replaces Gnome on the core Ubuntu Release…check out these images of the functionality this is an earlier release that was the foundation for the 10.10 Netbook Remix. In 11.04 there have been some changes to bring the Interface to the full screen as seen here.  To give Ubuntu a test run…download and burn a copy for FREE from Ubuntu`s website (torrents are available so please seed).

Finally yesterday marked the release of the mysterious white iPhone 4.  Being an Android fan and well really a “hater of all things Apple” I am not sure why I would consider this important but for the Lemmings out there that must have the latest iPhone toy…here you go!  Now anything that takes a year to go from black to white must be great right….meh…will it have the same problems as the black version…check this review.

That is it for me…cheers and enjoy your day!

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