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Sorry for my Absence

So  I took the day off, not because I wanted to but because the WiFi at the Motel we staid at decided to be…well to say the least unresponsive.  Yes the Krispy Family took a bit of a vacation (our first overnight trip without pets in over a decade) and where did we choose to go…Frankenmuth, MI!


It was an absolute pleasure to focus on nothing but having fun with my wife and daughter and explore a community and all that it has to offer.  It was a semi spur of the moment trip so we did not even book reservations and headed off to cross the border into the wonderful State of Michigan on Friday Night.  Despite hitting the border at about 5:30 we were across and on the final leg of our trip by 6PM and arrived in the heart of Central Michigan by about 7:30 PM. 

We took a drive around town scouting out our options for accommodations and for a town of just under 5,000 there were many options ranging from the chain hotels to the small independent motels…we figured we would save a buck and stay at the 54 room Frankenmuth Motel and while the room was nice, downsizing even for one night from a King Size Bed to a Double was too much and it was far from a relaxing sleep (and having a 28 character key code for the WiFi that would not work on my iPad…well it made for a long evening).

As normal, I was up at 5AM and decided to explore the town alone and scouted out some areas that we would visit and started on my quest of a decent Donut and to my surprise, I found heaven in a deep fried format at the local 7-11!

Shopping and touring around the Museums consumed much of our day and we had an absolutely wonderful day and were especially privileged to walk into a small store on the main street called Raining Cats and Dogs and as we were there to mourn the loss of our pet Boxer but also move on from that loss with the new freedom…we noticed a small wooden ornament with our Dog’s name hand written on it.  Freya, this was proof that you will always be with us.

We took a tour of the Lager Mill, picked up a 6 pack of Michigan special brews and started the trek home (with a standard stop at Port Huron).

Frankenmuth we love you and are already planning our next visit (and this time it will be for the whole weekend!


Chris J Powell

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