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Spring is jus around the Corner…how about some Raspberry Pi

No I am not talking about a Slice of Pie in your traditional sense I am referring to the diminutive computing device that is the brain child of Eben Upton a British hero to all who love to tinker.  The Raspberry Pi that I am referring to is a $25 computer that is just 85.60mm x 53.98mm x 17mm and weighs in at 45g. 


It is important to note though that the images above are of the B Model that sells for $35 (the A Model has only 1 USB port and no LAN).  But really lets think about this…a $35 computer that is all solid state…functions like any other computer and can do most simple computing tasks and output 1080p video this is an impressive little unit. 

But more impressive is the power consumption.  Sitting beside my I have my MonstaPuter with its 750Watt Power Supply…this little beast is powered by a microSD mobile phone adapter with a 5V rating!  This unit can run off of as little as 4 AA batteries now that is impressive!

Now for the bad news…their is only 256MB of available RAM and it is not upgradable but lets think about the options here…with the ability to function as an effective media center do you need much more than that? 

This unit is simplicity personified as to start it…you simply put the SD Card into the unit and apply power and voila…all the goodness of a Linux Desktop.  This has been a wild success story with reports that I have been able to find is that it is flying out of the Web Stores at a rate of 700 units per second right now!

If you would like to try your hand at this really cool tech toy…be forewarned…there is a waiting list but they can be purchased from RS Components or Premier Farnell / Element 14.  My order just went in so I can’t wait until the unit arrives.

XBMC on a Raspberry Pi


What will tomorrow bring…well lets hope that they can bring the specs up a little and this could become the saving grace for cash strapped schools, call centers or organizations looking for something beyond just a Thin Client option for computing.  For me…this little beast will become Web Dev Server and future NAS unit.


Chris J Powell

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