Chris J Powell

Stolen Time…Call 911

Each and every day there is a nefarious thief roaming the world looking for just one thing…OUR TIME!  This master criminal is out to take the one thing that is so valuable that it can not be created, saved or sold on the open market.  How can you really protect the fleeting moments that if you don’t use effectively just disappear forever?

It seems lately that I have made myself busier than a “One Legged Man in a Butt Kicking Contest” and for the most part that is a very good thing, but not always.  The busier I get the more time I seem to waste in the mundane aspects of my life and so it came to pass that I now have scheduled EVERYTHING.

This may seem like overkill but for me I really needed to find some focus and to allow for the things that matter most, from the moment I crawl out of bed at 5AM to the time I lay my head down at 11:30 PM it is now fully scheduled.  I have given myself time to do things like watch TV but I use this time to also get caught up on my reading and preparing for my day.

Even at work I have squeezed out 10% more productivity by not paying attention as closely to my email (I set up alerts on my iPad so that I assess before being distracted).

So what have I really done that is so revolutionary?  Nothing, absolutely nothing!  I did jump into David Allen’s Getting Things Done and pulled out some valuable principles that I could use:

  1. Take Control of the things that cause me Anxiety
  2. Build in Discipline into my daily work habits
  3. Know when to say NO
  4. Get things out of My Head
  5. and most important:

This Flow Chart has become a living breathing instrument of my 2012 success and has allowed me to recover the time that I was losing to the masked thief who crept around the office and hung out where I least expected him. Do I think that absolute structure and focus can work for everyone in every circumstance…no, but the beauty of the Getting Things Done is that you can apply it to a single process and it will make it better…I just jumped in and said…WTF…lets do this, I don’t have anything to lose!

So I am putting out a “BOLO” for everyone to be on the lookout for the Time Thief.  He will eat away at your productivity at work, prevent you from doing the things you want do do at home and worse…eat away at your soul and have real physical ramifications on your health.

I will be the best I can be…long live Krispy 2.0!

Cheers everyone…its gonna be a great week!

Chris J Powell

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