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Strategy vs. Tactics: Resource Management

It is one thing to develop a Vision, a Strategy.  It is quite another to get the people within the Organization to both accept and embrace the Strategy that is being undertaken.  Resource Management is key to this success and when the HR Department is either not committed as a Strategic Partner or struggles with its own identity within an Organization there becomes a bottleneck within the Strategic Planning and the Tactical Implementation of that Strategy.

Including your Resource Management Team to focus in on aligning the Organizational Strategy ensures that the resources are available and the right people are put into the key positions to ensure the success of a given plan as the Strategic Plan moves from the thought stage to the get off your duff and make it happen stage.  The real challenge is that it is very rare that the Organization approaches HR to include them so it becomes vital for Human Resources to make themselves very visible and get included as a Strategic Partner.


Research shows that there must be 5 key areas achieved to ensure this success:


  1. Develop a Mutual Understanding
  2. Talk the Same Language
  3. Set Common Goals
  4. Track and Report Key Metrics
  5. Commit to Continuous Improvement


For the Resource Management Team this is a great time to demonstrate that HR is more than just the Talent Acquisition Specialist, Payroll / Benefits Clerks and Policy Police.  This is really the time to step up and demonstrate how having the right resources available at the right times will ensure the continued success and growth of the Organization.


I think we have all experienced Organizational Change where the wrong person was put in a position of leadership and was either not given the proper support of the Organization or did not have the right skill set at the outset only to drag down the entire project.  The proper alignment between HR and the Organization can minimize the risk of Wrong Sourcing a Position.  It is all about knowing the People, their skills and their own Professional Goals.


When HR is working with the People and the Executive Team and ensuring that Training and Development is there for all levels of Management to identify and develop future leaders the culture of the Organization can shift rapidly and increase the opportunity and reduce the risk of Organizational Change.

It can be said that in a Knowledge Based Economy…the company with the best talent WINS!  But who is the keeper of your Best Talent?  Do you have the right leaders?  Are you in a good position to coach and develop the people you will need to fuel future growth?  How will you Retain the Talent you have and attract New Talent?  Who will keep the Plan on Track and ensure that Leaders can Lead the best of the best?


It is amazing to thumb through the latest content from our new HR Research Division and look to the success rates when all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.  There is a road map that is available to both the HR Department and for Senior Leadership.  We help build the Bridge of Solid Communication.  Let me show you how.


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