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Tales of a Pedestrian Commuter – Taking Care of my Tootsies

There are so many benefits to making the conscious choice to walk to where you need to go but I am finding out that there are certain, challenges to this plan as well.  You see, I am a cheap bastard.  I am not ashamed of this, it is not just because I currently work in a low paying job that does not really allow me to have the conveniences of a vehicle, it is just a lifestyle that I choose…but being a cheap bastard has meant that I tend to buy really cheap shoes…and this is not good for my primary mode of transportation.

This weekend, after walking a little farther than I am normally comfortable (an unplanned 7 km walk in dress shoes), I broke down and entered a local shoe store that specializes in Walking Shoes.

I entered the store and made the bold statement to the Sales Guy “I am a cheap bastard, so even being here is a big deal for me”.  The Sales Guy did not skip a beat, did not look down on me and proceeded to treat my statement as a fact…nothing more.  We went through my requirements and we went shopping.

Now I would have liked a pair of shoes that were more designed for the all weather efforts that are no doubt at some point going to occur here in South Western Ontario but unfortunately, the shoes that he had in stock, were just a tad bit too big for my tootsies so we made a compromise.

It is important to note, that I am typically a pretty bland shoe shopper and after a really bad experience in going through a 1/2 dozen shoe stores in the mall I was really not thinking that I would find what I was looking for…and then the sales guy pulled out a pair of Brooks Ghost 7’s…in my size.

Never before have I put something on my feet that seemed to be made for me.  The Gel Soles seemed to spread my weight out just right and except for a new finding that I may have a bit of a case of falling arches (I always just blamed the cheap shoes of my past) I headed out on a bit of a hike…an much to my surprise, my Tootsies were in heaven.

Does this make me a convert to the purchase of wildly overpriced shoes as a fashion statement…absolutely not…but I will from this point on be taking care of my feet.  I will likely grab a second pair of something similar next month because wet shoes and therefore wet socks and wet feet are not something that I am really keen on living with this winter…but now that I know that the Brooks Brand fits my feet…the option for online shopping just got better!

Cheers and Happy Walking!!!



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