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Tech Tuesday – Adding New Features to SmartPhones

After a rather sleepless night last night, my brain was not kicking into gear when it came time to wonder down to my office this morning and source out the topic for today as Tech Tuesday is once again upon us.  All things being equal though, even being tired could not steer me away from this latest added feature to SmartPhone Technology that finally makes some sense and makes a legitimate reason to be using your phone while driving.


The new Sharp Pantone 5 phone is one that has been built with Japan in mind as it features a Radiation Detector that can report on .005 and 9.99 μSv/h of radiation in its vicinity and through its Android 4.0 ICS interface report back to its owner.

Now there has been some rumblings of Android making it into Military Hardware in the future but this would seem to be a no brainer for adding to the kit of a Modern Warrior who may have to go into harms way to protect our freedom.  Imagine a Google Powered Future Soldier…oh wait we don’t have to imagine it as the US Army has already developed its own Android Apps Store and have been adopting custom Android powered phones for a while.  Even other branches of the US Government have been jumping on board with Android as reported over at The Verge.

So just how far are we away from the Ghost Recon Style Soldier of the future?  My guess is that it is far closer than any of us know!

This aging brain needs to partake in several more ounces of Coffee to be able to function today on less than 3 hours of sleep so I must bid you all adieu.  Until Tomorrow.


Chris J Powell

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