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Technology Purge – only to make room for new Toys

Some news made it to my inbox yesterday that will allow me to really crank my Geek Factor up by at least 12 next week.  Unfortunately it will come at the expense of saying goodbye to some old Tech Friends from my home.

I have been plotting and visiting the components of a new Desktop Machine for about 4 months now and the time has come to birth the mother of all PCs on the world around me.

It all starts with the case and I am sure that come build day next weekend this might just change but I just stumbled upon this work of Geektastic art and thought…oh my…me likey!

At its core though I am building this PC to house my 160 Linux ISO images as Virtual Machines but also give me the option of getting back into PC Gaming, so this computer will not just be a Word Processing Machine so I am toying with the options to go 6 core processor, substantial SSD main Drive, 16 GB RAM and finally a Graphics card that will allow me to play PC Games for the at least the next 2 years without any problems with compatibility.

Some might say the PC is dead but as long as there is breath in my lungs and blood in my veins, there is not a Laptop that can replace the pure joy of piecing out the components of a new Rig.


As a background story, the PC that has served me well for several years (6 to be exact) is a Frankenputer that still has components left over from an HP Refurbished Media Center PC that I purchased for $299 6 years ago when I was originally going to scratch build a true Home Theatre PC but the price could not be beat.

Over the years I have had to upgrade the RAM, change out the Motherboard (x2) add more and more storage (now at 4.5 TB) change the Case (the original was freakin’ heavy).


What will I be saying goodbye to to make room for the Beast from the East?  Well the FrankenPuter will be passed down to my wife as a work machine for her, I will sell her refurbished Desktop and her Toshiba Tablet PC and there will be a general shuffle of computer components around the house over the next couple of weeks.


As for me…this weekend I will be visiting my new components at a couple of stores.  I must say though…I love the smell of Thermal Paste in the morning!


Chris J Powell


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