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Technology Revolution – Innovate or Die!

The companies I work with are constantly looking for ways that technology can not only empower the businesses they support but that can transform the business and organization into something more than it was.  I got thinking about this and have been thinking about it in preparation fore nearly every call I have.  It is one thing to think of the Technology Revolution that we are in the middle of as a Perfect Storm that is brought about by the perfect conditions that enable things like Big Data, Social Media, Mobility, Security and Cloud Computing swirl and build momentum…but I got thinking about Twenty Thousand Leauges Under the Sea.

Jules Verne was an amazing story teller and at the outset it may appear that Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was about the travels and connections of Captain Nemo aboard his infamous submarine the Nautilus.  In reading into the subtext, there may be reason to look at this book as a connection to the Industrial Revolution taking place in the 1870s that were transforming the Western World at what would appear at the time to be a breakneck speed.

If we fast forward 140 years to today…could we take some of the same concepts that I recall from a book report I did 25 years ago and apply it to looking at our world and the Technology that pushes and pulls us all along?

Life requires us to connect, it is part of the human principle and with the the global family literally at our finger tips (in just 11 years there has been a 530% growth in Internet users) and now nearly 1/3 of the population of the planet has Internet Access.  To put this into perspective…it took nearly 80 YEARS for Rail Transit to reach across the United States and connect the two coasts and all the continental states!

Power on a smart phone, boot up a laptop or sit down at a computer and  you can be instantly connected to the 4 corners of the globe.  Ideas and concepts can be shared and built upon at an unprecedented rate.  We have a Global Population that allows Migration and interaction between cultures.  The Revolution is here…it is up to each of us in how we choose to be connected to it.

At the opposite end of the spectrum there are those that see technology as a danger and seek to suppress it or at the very least regulate it to the point that there can be some form of control over the direction.  There is a growing sub culture of Neo-Luddites out there who see technology as the cause of everything from unemployment to social change to global warming.  It is ok to question the direction that technology is taking us…but the golden age that has long been promised to us is here…for those able to and willing to look to the technology and build a future through it.

Innovate yourself, Innovate your job, Innovate your business, Innovate your city, your state/province/territory, Innovate your country and Innovate the world!  The future is now and we can collectively look to the future with optimism and find the way to build a brighter future…or see things for what they surely are not and that is an enslaved population that meanders through life like mindless automatons.

Pick your Pearl…the World is your Oyster!


Chris J Powell

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