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Technology – The Next Bullying Venue?

There is a voice inside of each and everyone one of us.  That voice can either be used to do good or to do harm and as a Parent of a teenage girl I am finding out that my Voice needs to find balance and help her find her way in this brave new world that within seconds can connect with people and ideas half way around the world.

As a parent, I have a responsibility to protect my child.  I take that responsibility very seriously but as a human being living on this tiny blue orb flying through space I also have a responsibility as a global citizen to do my part to make it better for all who come after me.

Technology is a wonderful thing.  While I know that if the internet was to end tomorrow the twitches and addiction that consumes me more than my long standing battle with tobacco would make it hard…I would survive!  the connections that I have made however will be difficult to give up.  The love of technology that I have is something that I have passed on to my little Geek 2.0.  Our home is filled with connected devices with 3 1/2 desktops, 3 Laptops, 2 Netbooks, 2 Tablets, 3 Smart Phones and a WiFi enabled BluRay player.  We are never too far away from a form of technology that enables us to connect with the outside world.

This connectivity though also presents a challenge.  Especially for a Teenage Girl or Boy.  This morning as I was preparing for this post, my daughter came into the office and said I should check out a Video, while it may be almost 7 minutes long…I strongly encourage EVERYONE to take the time and watch it, share it and show it to your children.

The world is much smaller than it ever was before and we have Technology to thank for that.  That smallness though enables haters and idiots a level of access into each of our lives that has never existed.  What was once a school yard challenge now follows them everywhere.  There is no end to the pain that words and actions have.

Use the spoken words of Shane Koyczan to have  REAL DISCUSSION not just a talk with your kids.  If you don’t have kids, share and forward it to friends who do.  It is the responsibility of EACH OF US to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


Chris J Powell

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