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When it comes to the next big thing, there are few that can argue with Gartner Research’s ability to look into that Technology Crystal Ball and see the future for what it is.  Yesterday at one of there conferences they revealed the “2014 Watch List” and I for one was surprised that there were no surprises in the top technologies coming around the corner next year.  The Krispification of the Gartner Press Release is below.

Mobile Device Diversity and Management

Ever since the birth of the iPhone and then the coming of age for Android Devices, the importance of the Device has shifted away from the corporate owned “Blackberry Fleet” to a BYOD world and no surprise here, this trend will continue.  According to Gartner well into 2018 this will be a top focus.

Mobile Apps and Applications

Again no surprise here but the reality is, the need to go mobile is a trend that needs to be a better focus.  More and more, event the need to have a basic website be responsive to the needs of the customer and be viewable on a phone or tablet can potentially make or break a company (I for one will move on to the next website if I can not view it on my phone).

The Internet of Everything

Machine to Machine (M2M) and the Always Connected world that has our refrigerators, TVs, phones and cars all connected through the great and powerful Interwebz is getting one step closer.  The opportunity to plug in and adapt to real time trends will continue to expand but this again is not really a big surprise.

Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker

In the world of IT it has been moving at an ever increasing rate from the need to be a Chief Information Officer to a Chief Innovation Officer or Chief Digital Officer.  The Cloud made this possible and 2014 will not reverse this trend.  Knowing and fostering a real connection with IT’s primary customer – the Business will move to the forefront and become a focus to broker the skills and services that IT can enable to enhance business productivity and profit!

Cloud/Client Architecture

As the Device no longer matters it is not nearly as important to build an infrastructure that can house the applications business needs internally.  The ongoing trend of moving to the Cloud (Public/Private/Hybrid) will continue and the reality of this is…a new Architecture will arise (and for those who have been in IT for more than a week, a return to a more classic Server/Client Relationship).

The Era of Personal Cloud

Data Data Everywhere and not a Bit to Drink.  The Personal Cloud while generally unrealistic (unless you have the chops to build it yourself) will continue to expand.  Google Drive, iCloud and SkyDrive have become dominant players for the Mobile space but Box and DropBox and many other purveyors of the “Personal Cloud” will expand their offerings and make it possible (though still not realistic in my humble opinion) for our digital media hungry lifestyles to sustain.

Software Defined Anything

If the device is no longer the most important factor (ie Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Phone) then everything from Networking to Service Delivery will be defined not by the client device but by the software that will present it, transport it and manipulate it.

Web-Scale IT

IT no longer necessarily needs to have you be a Developer or a Systems Engineer.  IT can be leveraged as a Service and provided at scale to basically anywhere in the world.  There are still some trouble spots where the “connection” does not enable Real Time Transfer but as the Internet continues to expand…the pockets on no connection are also shrinking.

Smart Machines

Yep…we are one step closer to SkyNet.  IBM Watson proved to all of us that the reality of Artificial Intelligence will happen sooner rather than later but as this concept not only continues to expand but become commercialized there will be dozens of new applications that tie the world of Smart Machines to help us fallible humans with Risk Mitigation and Decision Making.

3-D Printing

Another real no brainer but here is a technology that just a couple of years ago was as likely as a Star Trek Replicator and now, I can head out and purchase a 3-D Printer for under $2500 and start to build things.  Spare Parts, prototypes and even human organs can be generated and built from nothing more than a 3-D Cad Drawing.

So while the list of “next generation tech” may not seem like much of a surprise to anyone who has been watching and working with the trends in Technology.  I do ask one question.

Where will 2014 take you and what Tech are you going to be pushing forward with?



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