Chris J Powell

Thanksgiving 2014

There are many things in my life that right now I can give thanks for.  I am lucky in many ways for all that I have been given, and that I have built for myself and for those that I care about.  The world around me is challenging right now, I am in a position of transition but at the same tame stable for the first time in a very long time.


I have a wonderful daughter who continues to impress me with how she can adapt and grow despite all the odds against her.  Her strength of resolve proves to me every single day that being a Dad is the easy part…being a Father that is the real work, but the pay off is more than any job.

I am in a solid relationship with a wonderful woman who makes me feel good about myself for the first time in a long time.  What the future will hold, well my Crystal Ball is a little cloudy but for now I am happy and that I have what I have today.

This was my first major family holiday that I did not spend in the company of my former family or with my own extended family, but I was fortunate enough to spend my first Turkey Day with a new group family that I am very thankful for getting to spend time with.  A bond was forged and a few muscles pulled (one should not jump into throwing around the old pig skin after dinner without warming up):


What tomorrow holds…that is something that I will wait until then to find out…but for today…I am very thankful for everything that I have right now.



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