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The Best Part of a New Year

One of the great things that I love about the fresh start of a New Year is all the wonderful Technology Predictions that float around the Interwebz, so I thought I would throw my moderately educated guesses into the fold thanks to having read 100’s of other predictions and spent the past two years trolling the web for content.

  1. Broadband for All – the Global push towards high speed internet as a global imperative (hey the UN says it is a Basic Human Right) takes a radical step forward with new Mobile Technologies that drive down the cost and dramatically increase throughput speeds.
  2. Apple will Stumble – The push towards building for the lowest common denominator and a focus on its mobility devices (iPhone and iPad) take a major knock as a shortage of a key component for the “Retina Display” occurs.  Stock prices plummet and consumer confidence causes a shift towards the alternatives.
  3. Resurgence of Blackberry – This is partly wishful thinking but until Blackberry can work out a licensing deal with a competitor…there is a global uptake in the Blackberry 10 phones that are released in 2013.  It will not regain its former glory but its focus on a “fun business device” is an image that sticks, developers flock to the platform and the Playbook 3 is a massive success!
  4. Storage Wars – No I am not talking about Reality TV series dealing with the auctioning of storage lockers…storage vendors are finding that the low cost crunch is affecting their bottom line as it is now possible to Home Brew Petabyte Storage Arrays at a fraction of the cost of what they sell…expect to see prices drop dramatically and a new Open Hardware Concept take hold.
  5. Personal Cloud – The prediction last year by Gartner Research about the coming “Personal Cloud” becomes a real reality, but with a twist.  Major players like Dropbox and begin to build real connections to home networks so that there is an easy to use Private Cloud built with a few simple clicks.  This simplicity spills over into the enterprise very quickly.
  6. Wearable Computers – Facebook begins to wane as the Google Sponsored Project Glass really takes hold.  With a 5 year head start the Search Giant is able to integrate Augmented Reality into its Google+ platform which is the basis for the Project Glass project.  Released to Developers early in 2013, the device is an instant hit and is available for Black Friday.

Ok so 6 predictions is a little different, but my mother always told me that I was unique so…why not continue the trend.  I have a few more…and maybe I will throw up a complete list over at the new site if I can ever work the bugs out of the new CMS.  What an ordeal that was over the holiday break!


Chris J Powell


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