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The Box is Overflowing

I have to admit, I am a bit of an email junky.  I am on so many “mailing lists” that it is hard to imagine that I would be able to do anything other than read emails all day.  I have 7 Active Email Accounts that I check on a regular basis, 4 of which are forwarded to my phone at a moments notice.  Over the past week I have done a bit of an audit on how many emails I receive and was both impressed and dismayed that my volume has dropped over the past several months…this may have more to do with better SPAM filters…but I digress.


The 740-750 legitimate emails that I receive every day draw my attention at least to the subject line on every byte of data that is transmitted to me.  I open probably 75% of all those emails and at the end of each day I work very hard to have a Zero Inbox, but that is not always possible.

I am not alone in this, I was thumbing through a report on Email Statistics from The Radicati Group that looked at the near term impact of email on our society.

There are over 4 Billion Email Accounts out and about in this world, sending and receiving 190+ Billion emails per day.  Each email account out there is getting almost 50 emails every single day…so while I am a little higher than the global average (ok double the average with more than 100 emails per account per day) the idea that Email is dead is a little hard to believe (see Wired Article from January 2014).

So I wonder…are you sending and receiving more or less than the 50 emails per day?  How many (active) email accounts do you have?  Are you a mobile email user…or prefer the comfort of your desktop/laptop?  Do you use Webmail or an Email Client?

To make it easy I have even included a quick form for you to forward to me as I am thinking that part of my future will be to take the obscure and add some clarity to it.  It is time that research and content not only be made available…but it not be about the big pay day…pricing for access to information is getting a little out of hand…and it is time that this changes in a radical manner.






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