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The Christmas Spirit…Can I Get Past the Bah Humbug

For those that know me…I tend to be a bit stoic and at times even standoffish.  When I know you, there is very little I would not do for you and if I tend to help anyone who asks for help without a second thought or regard for the effects that it may have externally.  This year though, after venturing into a local mall on the weekend, I could not help but notice that my Christmas Spirit was not only far lower than normal…it was down right “Scrooge-like” and I could see this being reflected in my daughter as well who has taken on the No Christmas before December 1.

As I sit in my makeshift home office which is really nothing more than a massive book shelf and desk in the entry way to my apartment…I realize that my life has become very, very internal.  Sure I have my daughter and a great girlfriend (both of whom I want to spend more and more time with despite the circumstances presented to me) but I rarely go out and do anything other than walk to work 6 days a week, slog through the day and then return home.  Weekends I explore the downtown of my small city…but so little is open when I go for this exploration I end up just coming home and watching videos or surfing the web and continuing my education.

I woke up late this morning because of an adjustment to my shift at work and sat down and opened up Facebook with my coffee in hand as I do each morning and found a friend had shared a video from the UK grocery store Sainsbury’s I watched this and was transported back 100 years to the trenches of Western Europe and the spontaneous sharing of the Christmas Spirit that if accepted can be powerful enough to cause sworn enemies to lay down weapons of war and exchange the message of hope, love and humanity.

Today, the simplest of acts of kindness are so rare as people look for the grand gestures that can make them famous on Youtube or get them on the news…I think that just watching this ad actually opened my heart and let a sense of belonging to something far bigger back in.

A few weeks ago, the world collectively gathered to remember the fallen from the Great War and the sacrifices that they made 100 years ago are not forgotten.

The Christmas Spirit is now in me.  I can’t explain it.  I went out to the interwebz to find Christmas Decorations that would fit into my meager budget and put some focus on the random acts of kindness that I can do in the coming weeks to aid those in my community that are less fortunate than myself.

To those that are close to me and that I share my love with…I wish you all the best that this holiday season brings…and hope that this message also inspires you to cross over the hopelessness of No Man’s Land and reach out to your fellow man.

Merry Christmas,


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