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The Clash of Ecosystems

In a recently released report the Research Firm Vision Mobile contends that there is a battle brewing for the hearts and minds of the mobile device user around the globe.  Well no kidding…the flame wars that occur when you make a simple statement like the “screen size” or “3D Camera” or “Open File System” in front of an Apple Fan Boy are to say the least becoming more an more of a pain.

The report looks to 10 complex points and dives into them in the 68 page report that is free to download here

  1. Smartphones go mainstream
  2. iOS and Android are driven by economics of demand
  3. Successful platforms are a magnet for investment
  4. App stores are about controlling the ecosystems not profiting from content
  5. The rising star of HTML5
  6. Mounting developer acquisition costs
  7. Software players put mobile operators on the defensive
  8. Incumbent mobile platforms lose to next-gen challengers
  9. No single winner
  10. Patent Wars

The most telling details from the report come from the graphics and charts that come with the report that take a deep look at what might just be the future of mobile platforms:

The next table summarises the history and origins of eight mobile platforms.

Now I knew that there were rumblings of Bada and BREW out there but I did not know that they were not only in full development but in productions as well:

More than anything though the care that was put into the look at all the mobile OS product owners, the Google’s, the Apple’s, the Nokia’s and the Rim’s…it is really a testament to the competition that has really come out of the mobile space that even though “real” mobility is still in its infancy, it has made incredible strides over the past 2-3 years and will really be one of those key differentiators when it comes to the broader topics of Consumerization and Market Penetration.


Regardless of what platform eventually rules the roost.  The good thing is that there is real consumer and corporate choice out there.  It may be about the ecosystem and it may be about how this great new frontier of computing will grow and morph into something even bigger than it is today but as long as there is viable competition and all this Patent Garbage gets rectified and true innovation can be allowed to foster…then we will see some amazing products and even better Apps then we have today.


The start of yet another work week but I figured I would share a very humorous advertisement that was posted in our local news paper on the weekend:

Now this is in relation to the #Occupy London movement that has a handful of protestors “camping” in a public park here in London, ON.




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