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The danger of fitting people into "boxes"

I am sure that anyone who has sat through a training session, read a book on how to sell or otherwise took it upon themselves to walk the path of Self Enlightenment have seen the “boxing” of personalities as a way to better understand how to present and persuade people.

I am generally a good judge of character and while I do not outwardly look to have 500 close friends that I rely on for everything…I do have a selected, close network of people that I trust and that I hope trust me.


I did not develop these relationships by pigeon holing these people into the 16 personality types that this head shrinker  says is appropriate this year, nor do I see the need to follow the precepts of Astrological Signs to lead me to happiness.


Now I will say that knowing and understanding the plethora of options when it comes to understanding and developing relationships with different people is important…especially for a Sales Professional.   The thing that concerns me is that many training styles look to minimize time it takes to understand the person you are talking to and force you to place the person into an “X or Y Type” or focus on “Driver, Influencer, Amiable, Analytical” personalities and then build your conversation around that type.


Now I don’t suggest that going to the other extreme and conducting a full psychological profile on your client is needed (and breaking them into the 16 personality types).  But I do suggest knowing how the Two becomes the Four and Four becomes the Sixteen  does help with adding the fine details to your business relationship.


How does one fit people into these boxes without being obvious.  A big part of my success over the past year has come from listening and understanding the needs and desires of my Clients and Prospective Clients and knowing as much as I humanly can about both the unique environment that they work in and how the Products and Services that I sell can assist them.


A Google Search on Selling to Personalities reveals 13,500,000 results from some of my favorite sources.  Do the search, poke around.


Tomorrow I will dive a little more into how I have taken several styles and combined them together to have a “Direct/Indirect” style that works for me, I look at the way I sell more like Jujitsu than like Kick Boxing.




Chris J Powell

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