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The Day the Internet went Dark, Woz says Android is Better, The End for Kodak

Yesterday marked an historic day in the demonstration of the Internet community coming together to truly make an impact.  For the most part, the sites that participated in the January 18 Blackout did not have a direct impact on my daily life except for the Wikipedia protest.  I did not realize just how much I use that site until I had 20 clicks that lead me to a Blacked Out Screen.

So what did the Blackout accomplish?  Well for many who either did not know that SOPA and PIPA would have a potential impact on the Freedom of the Internet the education factor was huge.  Support for PIPA does appear as if it has collapsed.  Gizmodo reported on the fact that 18 more Senators have changed their mind and now oppose the bill aimed at protecting Intellectual Property.  The biggest reason to fear the draconian wording in the proposed law brings the onus to Search Providers / Social Media Sites and Internet Service Providers to police its users “information location tool shall take technically feasible and reasonable measures, as expeditiously as possible, to remove or disable access to the Internet site associated with the domain name set forth in the order”. In addition, it must delete all hyperlinks to the offending “Internet site”.

In the US Congress, the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) has also seen a shift in support with many of the co-sponsors withdrawing their support for the Bill.

This is good, but the battle is far from over as Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy (author of SOPA) stated “Hiding behind the black box of self-censorship does not resolve the problem that is plaguing American business and hurting American consumers,” he said. “Protecting foreign criminals from liability rather than protecting American copyright holders and intellectual property developers is irresponsible, will cost American jobs, and is just wrong.”

Fighting the good fight is often about stamina…and it will be a long road ahead…Old Media has a lot of money to spread around on Capital Hill.

Woz says Android is Better than iOS

Sometimes the old becomes new again.  Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak came out publicly back in November 2010 predicting that the Android OS would dominate the mobile market space even if at the time it may have been misquoted by the Dutch Paper De Telegraaf.  This news has crept back into the tech news world again though as he is coming out again saying that Android has advantages of iOS.

“My primary phone is the iPhone,” the Woz said. “I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.”

So while The Woz may have an iPhone 4S as his primary device he also has a Motorola Droid Razr and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  I think it is safe to say that The Woz can see an ecosystem that can support both devices and I would agree with the statement that I pulled from Jesse Bauer’s article over at

Steve acknowledges that the two smartphone operating systems are for different types of people as well. He’s not necessarily stating that iPhone users are simple, or not as technically minded as Android users, but points out rather that iPhone users are happy with it because it’s easy to use and learn, especially if they are already using Apple products. Where as Android users have a bit more of a learning curve ahead of them, but some of that pays off with the advancements of Google’s developments and feature inclusions on Android devices.

The End for Kodak?

After 124 years is the end near for the legacy of George Eastman?  Kodak filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection after a steady decline.  The history of the upstate New York pioneer in consumer photography has seen its ability to remain competitive erode since the evolution to bigger, faster and more connected digital cameras.  I remember my first camera was a Kodak, as was my second and I think even my third.  Then I got int SLR and well that is not a space that Kodak has really ever played in (sure they had the DCS and DCS Pro) but when going head to head with Canon and Sony…they walked away from that market back in 2008.

Hopefully there will be a return to glory for Kodak but with a couple of reports that I have seen where they are shopping out their 1100+ Digital Patents…it looks to me that they are just looking for ways to pay back their share holders and get out.

Well Another day is about to start…Cheers everyone!

Chris J Powell

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