Chris J Powell

The Death of Big Data???

In an article of the same name, CEO of SevOneMike Phelan gave a good account of what the future of Big Data might just look like recently for  I must say though that I completely agree with the analysis that if you deal with ANY Data it should be classed as Big Data because there are insights and correlations that can only come from a deep look and at the same time a different view of that Data.

One of the points that was brought up that really resonated with me was the reference Big Data is becoming the norm.  That is so true in so many levels and in the coming months and years there will very likely be a massive shift towards effective classification of all Data so that what is a challenge today…will just be part of “the job” tomorrow.

If Big Data is shopping for a coffin and head stone though…what about the Billions being spent on it today…well I have been saying that Big Data is just a way to get a handle on the information overload we are experiencing and back in June 2012 I made reference to this in my post “Hasn’t Data always been Big?“.

I don’t think there really is a question that Big Data will Die…I think it is like energy that can not be created or destroyed…it will just become something different.



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