Chris J Powell

The Fall Fair – Our first time here in London

The Fall Fair is a right of passage here in Canada.  It is time to celebrate our Agricultural Heritage and to collectively gather for a giant party.  Each fall communities across the country celebrate Harvest Festivals, Exhibitions and Fall Fairs.  It is truly a great time to be Canadian but for one reason or another, the Powell Family has never experienced the Western Fair here in London (at least together).

I remember growing up in a small town, the Fall Fair was the time that all your friends got some independence from parents…experienced the wonders of rural life and got to watch some good clean fun.  Demolition Durbies, Tractor Pulls, Horse Shows and much more but for a small town it was the one time that Carnival Rides invaded your town and you got to put your life into the hands of someone else and ride mechanical contraptions that defy the common sense of most reasonable people to get on.


It is a time for kids of all ages.  Regardless of your physical or emotional age, the Fall Fair is a time to be young.  And for that reason, I am truly looking forward to spending some time at the Western Fair in London, ON today.




Chris J Powell

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