Chris J Powell

The Future – Global Future 2045

In looking to the future and the next 33 years is a very interesting concept.  In looking for some insights I found Global Future 2045.  Looking through the site and watching their primary video I became more than a little interested in what the Global Future Congress could offer for looking beyond what we see and do today.

While this project may have started as “Russia 2045” it has expanded into much more and has some interesting goals.  Watch the video and think of what their vision and future may look like!


Chris J Powell

2 thoughts on “The Future – Global Future 2045

    • I have not really thought about it. The look to 2045 is within my lifetime so I have some stake in both what that time will look like and what it will be like for my child. 2156 would be in the time of my Great great Grandchildren…but it might be worth sitting down and thinking further about.

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